Been busy writing, but no new posts

Though things have been quiet on the blog-front, I was very busy during the month of December writing articles at InfoBarrel. I was trying to win the monthly contest. You get points based on the number of words you write per article. I wrote 79 articles that were worth 5 points each and 1 that was worth only 1 point. I earned 396 points for the month. By the time we got to the last 10 days, there were only 2 of us fighting for the top position.

The girl I was competing against may have won 408 points, but we don’t know yet. Or, at least I don’t know. I can’t see how many points her articles are worth until the daily point tally is figured out. It usually updates about 3 AM, my time. But since last night was the end of the contest, the admins seem to manually review the points before posting the final numbers.

So we are in a waiting game.

Having cranked out so much content the last few weeks, I feel like I had to write something today even though there is no news yet on the final numbers. It probably won’t be until Monday or Tuesday before we know since the admins take the weekend off.

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