Run To Win – New Site Design

Screenshot Run to WinOne of my favorite running related websites is Run to Win. Blaine has just rolled out a new site redesign. It is good to see the changes. The old site was nice, but this one brings a bit of freshness to the content. Seems to be more “social.”

Run to Win is a running related blog. It covers news and information related to runners and running. Sometimes there are book and product reviews. Blaine has been putting up more videos lately that are themselves the blog entry. He tries to inform the readers/viewers of any breaking news in the running world. One thing I like about the site is that there is not too much information. Sometimes sites are overwhelming and hard to keep up with.

Currently Blaine is running a giveaway to celebrate the new website. Jump over to Run to Win to see the details of the contest.

If you are a runner and like to keep up with major news in the running community, then be sure to check out Run to Win. There are also running related products for sale at the site.

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