Info Barrel header imageThe last week I have been writing articles at This is one of the many “write an informative article and hope to earn money” type websites. I have many things that I could write about that don’t seem to fit in any of my blogs. I enjoy writing and explaining things. So here is a platform to be able to share that writing.

I have published 5 articles already and have 2 more that I am currently writing. So far I have honed in on a few broad categories to write about. Maybe I will make a weekly post for a while here with a list of my articles over there that you can check out.

Here are my articles from week #1.

I have made a couple of edits to two of the articles. They have an approval process until you have been writing for them for 2 weeks. So you may see an old version of one of these that has a mistake in it. But if you do see something odd, please let me know either in a comment here or on the IB article.

One of the reasons one would want to write articles is that it can be a source of passive income. This means that I write the article and leave it to sit on the site waiting for people to come by and click on the advertisements. Even without buying anything, when someone just clicks on a Google ad the article writer gets paid. Over time the articles that I write there can continue to be a source of income without me having to do any more writing. This is what is meant by passive income.

Join me in writing for InfoBarrel. Even if someone has already written an article about a subject you could cover, then give it a shot and do a better job. There is nothing stopping you from writing 500 articles about the same thing if you can do it in such a way that each one is unique. You notice I have 2 articles that are similarly titled about changing guitar strings. But the articles are for beginners and more advanced guitar string changers.

Hope you enjoy reading them.

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