The difference between a podcast and a podcast episode

Over the last week I have been working with to improve my Spanish. Much of the reading I do at their site is transcripts from podcast episodes. You can also play the audio while reading the text. Several of the texts I have read and or listened to were originally podcast episodes.

I have heard a few times at that site something that sounded funny to me. Since then I have also noticed a couple of podcasts I listen to make, what seems to me, the same mistake. They talk about “the podcast” when referring to the individual episode. For example one that I heard today was talking about the particular episode (not the series) and said “here we are at the end of an eclectic podcast.”

To my thinking the podcast is the complete package. You wouldn’t refer to one episode of a TV show as the “series”; it would simply be an episode of that series. It sounds odd to call an individual episode a podcast.

What do you think?

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