Missionary Talks 72: Andy Shinabery

I posted a new Missionary Talks interview yesterday. After spending an hour with Andy at a local coffee shop, he and I sat down in my mobile recording studio (Honda van) and recorded the interview. Andy and I have kept up with one another casually over the years since we went to college together.

Through email earlier this week we worked out the details for me to call him and record the interview. We were both very surprised when I went to pick up my son from youth meeting on Wednesday and saw Andy standing at the front of the church. Neither one of us had a clue that the other was in town. We enjoyed catching up and sharing some of our conversation with the listeners.

The next episode I put out I hope will be one of the new Missionary Chats formatted show. I will try to alternate these as much as I can, but there may be more Talks than Chats at times, or vice versa.

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