Do you GoodSearch?

GoodSearch logoOne of the missionaries I had in a class a couple of weeks ago suggested we use a search engine called GoodSearch. It is a search engine that lets you specify where you would like a portion of the advertising money that you generate from web searches to go. She said that there is a charity that she always sends her money to through GoodSearch. To do that all you do is choose the charity and use the GoodSearch website. Everything else is taken care of in the background.

I have set up my mission organization, Baptist International Outreach, to receive money through GoodSearch. You can choose BIO on the drop down menu if you would like to help us out, or you can choose your own charity. By helping out our board office you are helping to support over 100 missionaries through your web searches.

While it is a small portion that is actually donated with each search, it is at least something that is being sent to the charity. That is certainly better than donating nothing.

GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo. I find that I get totally different results with them than when I use Google. Neither one is necessarily better than the other, just different. Try it out and see for yourself.

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