Google Maps Feature: Lot Markings

Map detailThis morning I got up to map out my running route for the day. I noticed a new feature on Google Maps. It marks out where the housing lots are. I thought maybe this had already been there and I just now noticed it. Though it had to be less than 5 days old since I know I used Google Maps on Saturday.

This feature may have already been available in other areas, but this is the first time I have seen it. I do know that it is new for my neighborhood.

I have now been able to narrow down the time of when it was rolled out here. I was playing a game last night that uses Google Maps and the feature was not there. This morning the game has the new feature shown. So sometime between midnight last night and 7:00 this morning is when it was implemented in the Pensacola area.

Anyone already see this feature in your area?

What is it good for? I can see that it would be helpful in searching out property. If you are looking for some place that has a little bit larger than average yard in a particular neighborhood it would be useful. With the already current feature of having the blocks marked out with numbers telling you approximately the address of each house, this is an incremental step to giving us an exact address for each of the little lots that they are marking off now. When typing in an address you can see if the house you are looking for is on the corner, or three lots down. I can imagine that they will make it easy to click on one of the blocks and get the exact address in the near future.

This does not work in Mexico where we lived. But they also don’t have addressing information in the city of Merida yet either. Only the streets are laid out.

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