Never plays with cannons kids!Amazingly, today was the first time in all of our traveling in Pennsylvania that we were able to visit the Gettysburg National Military Park. We were scheduled to be in New York today, but when I found out that we were less than 2 hours from Gettysburg, and we had no meeting for tonight, we adjusted our travel schedule to keep us in southern PA  one more day so we could visit Gettysburg.

Monument at the Gettysburg National CemetaryWhen we got to Gettysburg the rain was torrential. We made it to the new visitor’s center, but because of the rain, I dropped the family off close to the building. They ended up totally soaked walking in while I was parking the car. By the time I got parked the rain had stopped. We had rain off and on most of the day.

We bought a CD set with audio that takes you through the Auto Tour of the park. This is a tour with 16 stops. These stops are explained in the main park brochure. However, this audio tour went into much more detail of what took place at each location. It was about 1.5 hours of audio on a 2 CD set. Since there is no charge for entering this park, we thought the $20 CD was worth it. I am glad we bought it. It really was pretty good at giving an overview of the park and the events of the 3 day battle.

I took a few pictures today, but the camera is out in the car. I am not sure if and when I will get some pictures uploaded.

If you get a chance to visit the park, it really is worth the trip. We intentionally did not try to see everything today. We did the overview tour today with plans to return in the future to study out some of the monuments and sections that would give more detail about the battle.

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  1. Glad to hear that things (for you) are pretty much normal.

    Commenting on your last few posts…

    Glad that you finally got the Internets working… and I agree about having to “pay” for it. You should map out your trip around all the free wifi spots. I am sure the iPhone can do that.

    Strip down and rebuild the bike… make sure you take your meds BEFORE starting, else this has ADD disaster written ALL over it. Sometime the local bike shop here has a consignment type deal… I want to go one time and look for a decent road bike.

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