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When we were in Arkansas last week we were on the hunt for some new bikes. We had picked up a new bike rack near Knoxville, Tennessee a couple of weeks back but had no bikes to carry on it. Or at least none with us. Our son’s bike had been stolen when our house was burgled. My wife and daughter had no bikes. My nice Bianchi road bike was still sitting in Florida but we were in Arkansas.

We found a bike for our daughter at a Salvation Army store in northwest Mississippi the week before the family reunion. I was not necessarily going to get a bike for me since I already had one, but we were looking for bikes for our son and my wife. While looking, I found a nice Trek mountain bike (830 Mountain Track) for me, a Mongoose mountain bike for our son and a no name lady’s bike for my wife.

I went home and did the research to find out what I could on the Trek. It was not a high end machine when it was built in the mid-90s, but was still a nice bike. It sold for $400 new. That is high end enough for me. We went back the next day and bought three bikes.

The Trek does not have the correct rear wheel though. It has a 10 speed rear wheel. It is supposed to have 21 speeds, but has only 15. I will keep my eyes out for a good used rear wheel. There are some minor adjustments that need to be made to the bike, but it really feels great. My plan is to use it as my touring bike. I want to do some multi-day bike rides and this seems to be a great bike for it. I will need to add some accessories and change the tires/wheels.

The boy’s Mongoose MTB has full suspension. It feels squishy to ride. Kinda fun.

So we are now traveling with a load of bikes. When we leave the house this weekend on our next trip, I am going to have a hard time deciding which bike to take. I have just stripped my Bianchi road bike down to the frame and rebuilt it this week. But I also have this new Trek that I am eager to put some miles on.

Note: While looking for old posts to put links into this entry I found out that I never wrote about my road bike purchase in detail. I will have to get some pictures with the two bikes and give a detailed account of the Bianchi. It has a fun story all its own.

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