Back in the land of Internet…once again

I know I have complained quite a bit in the past about not having regular Internet access, but I can’t stop myself from doing it. I am amazed as to how often we have been traveling and have no regular access. At least, not free access. No way am I going to pay for it if I don’t have to. I just thank the Lord every day for my iPhone and being able to get email and surf the Internet for critical information.

We have been in Arkansas for the last week. We were visiting my grandfather in Springdale (northwest corner) for a few days. That was great, but no access to the lifeline most people call the Internet. Then we moved over to Beaver Dam (near Eureka Springs) for a family reunion. While it can be argued that one should not be concerned with Internet access when family is available to talk with, I personally would like to be able to do both. Why should it be one or the other? We did not even have phone service in our campground (more about that in a later post). Thankfully we spent most of the time on the mountain at the cabin where there was phone service available.

Now I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. Whether I will get half the posts up that I wanted to or not, I at least can. So if they don’t get posted, you know it is because I am just being lazy.

We are home for 8 days and I plan to use up all the bandwidth I can in that time.

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