Missionary Talks 64: Nathan Wheeler

Nathan is a computer programmer that I met shortly after we arrived back in the US. He grew up in Nigeria as a missionary kid. He is a 3rd generation MK. His mother and grandfather also grew up on the field in Nigeria. His family is involved in translation and medical work as well as other ministries.

This interview was recorded during a rain storm. Since we were recording in my car, we got quite a bit of noise from the droplets. I was able to keep the rain noise out of the recording for the most part. But when I ran it through Levelator (which I try to avoid when possible) the rain showed up in a bad way. I manually leveled the audio and came out with a pretty good recording. But there was quite a bit of inequity in the volume between us. I think it came out pretty good in the end.

I already have 3 more interviews recorded from a mission conference this last week. I should be able to release them fairly regularly over the next few weeks.

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