Missionary Talks 63: Katie Folden

Katie Folden and Don SiskIt has been a while (too long) since I put up a new Missionary Talks episode. I was thrilled to be able to interview Katie Folden yesterday. She is a young lady going to Japan as a missionary. Her closeness to the Lord is encouraging and convicting. She is on deputation now and still has a ways to go to get to Japan. I am interested in following her progress to the field. Check out her website, Katie’s Journeys, to stay up to date with her ministry.

I found this picture at Katie’s blog. Here she is goofing around with Dr. Don Sisk. Dr. Sisk is a man who will go down in the history books as one of those great missionaries of the faith. He was a missionary in Japan for many years. This picture is great in that it shows the old Japanese missionary along with the new.

I have two excuses for not having another Missionary Talks episode out sooner. Neither one of them are really good excuses, but here they are.

I have not had my equipment set up to do phone interviews. Since we have been back in the US this was the first phone interview I have done. I have also not done much recording in my office here at the house. I have quite a bit of echo in this office. I need to do something to cut down the room noise. I was pleased, however, that this interview sounded so good. It was well balanced on the volume between us. I skipped two steps of post production because the sound was so good without them. There was no need to degrade the quality of the recording.

So my first excuse was equipment. I have another phone interview tentatively scheduled for a couple of weeks from now.

My second excuse is that I did an interview in December that I really wanted to have work. It was an interview with a friend of mine in Africa. What he had to say was tremendous. How he said it was an editing nightmare. This was the first interview I have recorded that I did not use. I kept holding on to the hope that I could make it work, but it wouldn’t. I put off any other interviews because of that one.

But, I am now back and on the right track. I have another interview scheduled for tonight (which I will put up next week some time) and I will also be at a missions conference next week. That should yield another couple of interviews. It has not been as easy grabbing interviews at conferences as I had hoped, but I am making it a goal to wrestle at least two missionaries to the ground and make them talk with me.

Enjoy Katie’s interview.

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