25 Random Things meme from Facebook

I have been tagged by the 25 Random Things meme on facebook a few times. Since I don’t normally play by the rules I will tell you how I am going to play the game and then list my 25 items.

The rules say that I am to “tag” 25 other people to share their 25 random things. Don’t worry, I am not tagging anyone. These are for your enjoyment and you can play along if you want. Also, my list of 25 is a special list. As an ADD person I have had many passions through my life. These passions sometimes sprout themselves as hobbies or obsessions. Some stick, some don’t. In no particular order, here are a few of the many.

  1. Peruvian history
  2. Yo-Yo tricks
  3. Ham radio
  4. HTML programming
  5. Computer hardware
  6. Linux
  7. Podcasting
  8. Spanish grammar
  9. Harmonica
  10. Running
  11. Morse code
  12. Dvorak keyboard
  13. Day trading
  14. Guitar
  15. Rope tricks
  16. Geocaching
  17. Orienteering
  18. Blogging
  19. Photography
  20. Chess
  21. Golf
  22. Cycling
  23. Archery
  24. Bread making
  25. Writing (believe it or not, I hold a diploma in non-fiction writing)

The list could go on and on.

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