Up and Running

I think I have turned the corner on my foot injury. I have been running again for a few weeks. Since the start of the year I have not put in the 20 miles a week that I want but I am pleased to be back on the road.

Yesterday I did a 6.5 mile run. It was a new route for me, but one that will probably become a regular path. I had several of these in Mexico, but I have not fallen into enough of a pattern here to have regular routes. The only one I really have up to this point is a 3 mile route right inside the neighborhood. It requires that I go up and down every dead end street to get the distance in. Pretty boring. I don’t do it often.

The run I did yesterday took me to the water reclamation plant near our house. I have run over there several times, but in the past I ran south from the house to get there. That required that about 3/4 of the run I had to be on major roads. I hated feeling like I was risking my life for the joy of running by myself on the boardwalk over the swamp. But yesterday I found a more direct route to the water plant which kept me on side streets and only had to cross the major road instead of run along it.

I am slowly ramping my way back up to 20 mile weeks. I was starting to feel like I would fall out of the habit of running regularly, but the last couple of weeks has gotten me excited again about being on the road.

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