Vacation Week: Saturday Twitter Meetup

Though we were leaving town on Saturday morning and had to be checked out of the house by 10:00AM, I had one more item on my to-do list for the week. That was to meet up with some friends I had met online. MarathonChris I met through the Phedippidations podcast. She has her own podcast and we have been encouraging to one another through our podcasting efforts. My other friend is MarathonGirl who I met through Twitter itself.

dpeach, marathongirl, marathonchrisWe mostly used Twitter to make our initial plans of me being in town and they were going to meet me for a run. The run did not work out because of scheduling, but we were able to get together for breakfast. I know it sounds strange to say I went and had breakfast with a couple of girls that I met online, but, it was totally legit. MarathonGirl brought her husband along and we all met at a Cracker Barrel.

The conversation revolved around running of course. We also talked about what our jobs were. It was fun to meet for the first time but already have an idea of the person and personality through our online presences.

I recorded the conversation (along with several hours of other recordings from the week) and will try to edit it down into a podcast episode. But don’t hold your breath on that coming any time too soon. I have a lot of audio to dig through.

We left Orlando headed back to Pensacola. We planned to stop at my brother-in-law’s house on our way up. We were not able to get in contact with him to get together. Maybe we can make that stop when we go down to Tampa for a meeting in February.

As you can see it was a fun week. This is the first time in many years we have had all the families together. Most all the children are old enough to remember this special time for years to come.

2 thoughts on “Vacation Week: Saturday Twitter Meetup”

  1. As much as I recognize Twitter’s functionality and usefulness, I am trying to avoid going in that direction. Perhaps if I had a sweet phone that let me interact with the web and text messaging better/faster that might change. But for now… I will remain Twitter Free.

    That’s cool that you met up with some more runner peoples. Some of them have turned out to be fairly normal…

    1. Twitter is great if you have a data plan on your phone and you can use it as a web service. I don’t think I would like Twitter bothering me with a text message every 2 seconds. I use a Twitter application on my iPhone.

      It was really cool meeting with normal runners. After my interaction with you I thought they all had to be strange. But MarathonChris and MarathonGirl proved that some can be normal.

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