New shoes and no way to run

I have been unable to run for the last week and a half. I ended up with a stress fracture after my last race. The third metatarsal on my left foot has succombed to the extra training that I have put my feet through. I may have also pushed my last pair of shoes past their useable limits.

Now I have two new pair of shoes with fewer than 30 miles on them.

The chances of making my 1000 mile goal for the year is quickly slipping away. I have logged 863 miles for the year. I expect that I will be able to start running in another week or two. I am not going to try to come back too early just to make the goal. But, if I am healthy, I am going to get as close as I can.

In the mean time, I have been doing other exercises and trying to build some strength. I have gained some weight since being back home. I hope to boost the metabolism and keep the weight from creeping up too much. With strength training and aerobic exercising, I should keep everything in check.

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