I got a Nike+ footpod and receiver in the mail yesterday. One of my Twitter friends won it as a door prize (or something) and said that he had no use for it. I tweeted back and told him that he could send it to me whenever he was ready. Later he asked for my address and sent it to me this week. Cool!

This is a little device that plugs into an iPod nano and receives data from an accelerometer that you place on, or in, your shoe. If you have a Nike+ enabled shoe, you can slip the pod under the insole. Otherwise, you can get a little pouch and strap the pod to your shoe laces. My friend sent me a pouch too.

It then records how many steps you take and your pace. This is all calculated with the distance per step (you calibrate the device) to tell you how long and far you travel on your runs.

This morning I went through the calibration step twice. I was not sure it calibrated correctly the first time. I am not convinced it worked right the second time either. I did not have enough time to do another run with it before appointments this morning to see how it worked or if the calibration was right. The next time I run with it I will know.

I have wanted one of these for a while. It does have one limitation that has kept me from buying one in the past. My heavy duty iPod case cannot be used with this device. Until I get a better solution, I will be running with the nano in my hand or pocket which just means SWEAT all over the iPod. I should be able to find something soon. At least I don’t sweat as much here as I did in Mexico.

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