Missionary Talks 59 and 60

I looked back over my posts recently and realized that I did not give an update when I posted episode 59 of Missionary Talks. That was an interview with Chris and Carol Woodley. They are missionaries in the Philippines working with the Deaf. They are a couple we had met about 6 years ago and enjoyed getting to know them. We were able to be in a conference together a couple of weeks ago. You will enjoy hearing their passion and love for the work they do.

Tonight I uploaded an interview with a missionary to Mexico, Tim Strang. He grew up on the field and has been back there for the last 12 years serving in smaller towns and villages. Many of the missionaries I talk with are in the bigger cities. Some will even make an issue as to why we should do our work in the larger areas. Tim is very much interested in the villages and has a love for where he is serving the Lord.

Enjoy these two episodes of Missionary Talks. I have a couple more interviews already recorded with a couple more scheduled. Looks like things are headed in the right direction for a while.

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