I heard an excellent sermon on gluttony yesterday. It is not something you often hear preached. The man who preached it is not a pastor, but a medical doctor. I have known Dr. Emmett Manley for about 8 years. I have heard him speak on just a couple of occasions.

Outside of the content of his message, which you can listen to below, he had an excellent stage presentation. He finished his sermon at exactly the minute he was supposed to. I wished all preachers would learn to do the same. While I realize that not every sermon needs a time limit, when you are in a conference and trying to keep a specific schedule, it helps no one for you to steal time from the next speaker.

He also had probably 6 pages of notes. I was sitting so that I could see when he flipped from one page to the next. He had a very detailed outline, but you would never know that he was reading from such copious notes.

I don’t put this here because I have become a health nut. I just think that it is very well presented from a Biblical perspective and this is applicable to more than just food.

He is speaking to a room full of preachers and missionaries. Well more than half the group was more than “a little” overweight.

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