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For the runners and bikers who stop by here you will be interested in knowing that Hammer Nutrition is running a 50% an “up to 50%” off sale starting today, Monday, November 10. I heard about this sale from Rachel over at FitnessForMommies.net. The sale runs from November 10 to December 17. She says the price goes up in 2009.

The promo code is: WS08

Hammer Nutrition makes many nutrition products for endurance athletes. I have never used their gels, but I picked 2 packets up today to try out. If they sit well with me, I may buy a couple of bottles to have on hand. I have not gotten into the nutrition supplements that are very popular except gels. I may have to give a couple of their different products a try.

Have you used Hammer Nutrition products? What were your thoughts? How do you use them?

7 thoughts on “Hammer Nutrition Sale”

  1. thanks for the shout out!

    I’ve been meaning to place an order all day!

    My favorite product right now is the Hammer Vanilla Whey. Makes the tastiest high protein smoothies around!

  2. This is misleading. Hammer Nutrition is not offering 50% off with that coupon code — Most of their products are only marked down a little.

    1. Thanks for the comment Doug. Now I have to figure out where FitnessForMommies got the information. I have not gone through the ordering process to see how much the code would save me.

      Maybe it should be: Hammer Nutrition is offering up to 50% off.

      I will look into this.

  3. Sorry about the confusion. My flyer said up to 50% off (which I didn’t see until I went online and used the code). The prices are down significantly on some things- but not 50% on others. Hammer Whey went from $29 to $25. Sorry, about this! I was really excited to see that they ever even had a SALE.period.

  4. One of the nice things about being a KTC member is that one of the nutritional places offer 25% off the price on everything they sell. In fact, I went and bought some stuff after dinner on Tuesday. I like Hammer Gels. I think my Fave to date is Carb-Boom’s Banana Peach mainly because it’s a “larger” pack AND it’s not so sweet like some of the other Gels can be.

  5. This is how I got a discount on my first order with hammernutrition.com. Just use the code 185632. You just enter that into the Client # field under “Referred from a Friend” and you will get the 15% off and around $30 worth of free samples. You don’t have to enter a name or email address just that code works fine. It’s scary at first but the 15% and free stuff won’t show up on your initial order price. It will be shown on the invoice emailed to you the next day. So don’t be scared and just enjoy free stuff and a sweet discount. ENJOY!!!!

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