Week 16

Week 15
Supposed to be 2 easy miles. I biked 14.1 instead.

The 5 mile tempo run that was scheduled that day was a 5 km. fast easy run. Was not near tempo pace, but it was much faster than my long runs. I also ran Thursday for 2.6 miles.

Saturday long run did not quite make it into the long run category. I was supposed to do 8 miles. I started the day with a killer 3.14 mile hill workout. If it was not such a hard run, I might have actually enjoyed the scenery. Beautiful fall colors in Virginia near the Shenandoah National Park.

After driving a few hours to our next stop we spent 5 hours at a church for its missions conference which included an international banquet and a church service. The family we stayed with happened to be home to a certifiable running nut. We talked about how much we liked running and training. We ended up talking ourselves into a 4 mile run at 10:00 at night. Hills again for the second time in one day.

Week 16
I have to admit to leaving my training plan at home on this trip. It was an oversight. But the runs are supposed to be something like 2 miles on Monday, 6 miles moderate on Wednesday and 2 miles on Friday. Then the week ends with a marathon on Saturday. I think I can remember that without the training plan in front of me.

The way the week will play out is that I ran on Tuesday for 4 miles. I plan to run again on Thursday for just a mile or 2. I need to test out an idea. Then on Friday I will run just 2 real simple miles.

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