A week in summary

This will be a catch up post. I was out of town most of the week. Can you believe we did not have any Internet access where we were? None! Barbaric.

We were in a little village not too far from the big city doing another camp for the Deaf. This time it was just the Deaf from our church in Merida. We would like to expand this to include all of the Yucatan Deaf. But at this point we are the only Christian ministry for the Deaf that we are aware of.

Before picking people up to head to camp, I had to swing by the immigration office to fill out the paperwork to cancel our visas. We will be leaving the country in less than 2 weeks. I got out of the immigration office much later than planned and started my rounds of getting everyone to the church.

Camp started well and we were able to run some events and give out medals that first night. We had an obstacle course. I was not in the competition for a medal, but I did run the course in the second fastest time. I lost to a 17 year old. I was pleased.

We had a good service that night with Bill, the pastor of our church, speaking.

I preached both services on Wednesday. We had some good games with no major injuries. That is always good.

Bill preached both services on Thursday. We took the whole group to the beach. The girls went to one side of the world’s longest pier and the boys went to the other. I have never been to the beach in Progreso when it has been so nice. There was hardly any wind and the water was clear enough we could see our feet. That is special.

I preached the final service. My son took the Gold medal in scripture memory. We gave out Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the team competition. By doing that, we were assured that everyone would get a medal. We happened to have 2 Golds left over so we gave them to the cooks.

I ran 4.66 miles. It was from the town we were in, Chablecal, through the town of Dzibilchaltún and just a little past that. Then turn around and back to camp. I did not sleep well that night before. In fact, it may be better said that I did not sleep. I was pleased with my distance and pace despite the lack of sleep.

I noticed that there were a lot of bikes and few cars that I saw on my trip back to the village where we were in camp. They were headed to the big city where we lived.

I did not really plan to run on Friday, but would do so if I woke up in time. I did, so I did. I ran just 2.32 miles. It was the same route from Wednesday, but I turned around earlier. This time, though, I took note of the number of vehicles I saw on the road. There were 23 bicycles, 9 motorcycles/scooters, and 6 cars. You can tell from this that we were not in a very wealthy place.

I took my camera and snapped a shot of the road I ran on. It was very narrow.

We have 2 bunches of bananas growing in the field next door. I chopped one bunch down yesterday after we got back from camp. There are close to 200 bananas on it. The second bunch will have to be harvested after we leave.

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