Week 5

Week 4
I was to run 5 easy miles. I did not quite make 5 miles, nor were they easy. One of the problems with having a hotel with a view in a town in the mountains is that means the hotel is at the top looking down. Not so bad when you are starting your run. But somehow you have to get back up to the hotel.

I tried a stab at getting to my original running route that I planned for the previous Saturday. As I pointed out then, getting from the hotel to where I wanted to run was just about impossible. I did manage to get across a couple major roads without dying, but could not manage the third. I chickened out.

I only managed 3.6 miles at an 11:25 pace. That is about a minute per mile slower than I should have been.

Supposed to run an easy 5 miles. The village we were in for camp just did not seem like the type of place that would accept a white guy running through the streets in the morning. I let peer pressure keep me from running. And I was fine with that. Besides, all of my running has been done at 2,000 feet or lower elevation. We were over 7,000 feet when at camp. As a point of reference that is higher than Denver which is where many athletes go to do high altitude training. It is the same height as Flagstaff where I once ran a track meet in high school in which we watched people pass out on the track because of not being acclimated.

Five easy miles was the prescription. I ran 5.22 miles in perfect timing. Plan called for 10:32 per mile and I ran 10:29 miles.

Week 5
Monday: 2 miles easy at 10:26.

Wednesday: 6 miles of tempo run at 8:56 pace.

Saturday: 12 mile long run.

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