Week 4

Week 3
3 mile run was the prescription. I ran my standard 5K loop. Nothing special to report about the run. I just took it nice and easy like the plan calls for. I ran it in 10:06 per mile and the plan was 10:32 per mile. So I was pretty close.

5 mile run with 3 miles of tempo work. I ran my 1 mile warm up and immediately jumped into my tempo run. I was not able to get down to the 8:57 pace that I was supposed to have. I averaged 9:26 per mile. I need to separate my warm up from my tempo pace. When I was running with Jeff regularly I would run 1.6 miles easy and then take a 10 to 20 minute break before our run which was essentially a tempo run at 8:40 per mile. I never seemed to struggle much, but I am sure that 20 minute break helps a lot.

10 miles at a 10:32 pace was the plan. I ran an incredible run of 10.5 miles which I will write up in a separate post to tell you all about it.

Week 4
Monday: Easy 5 mile run at 10:32.

Wednesday: I think this is a 5 mile speed run. I don’t have my training plan with me (I am away on a trip), but I do know it is a 5 mile run which I will do at an easy pace. I am in camp and will be running at 7200 feet above sea level. I hope I will have time to get this run in, or at least a 3 mile run.

Saturday: We will get home from camp on Friday night and I look forward to a step back week of just a 5 mile long run. I will need it after the week of camp. I did not make the training plan do this, it just happened to fall at the perfect time.

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