My paramedic drives a cooler vehicle than yours

Today we were driving around down town and passed a paramedic. Since both my brothers are paramedics, I tend to notice these guys more than most people. The cool moped he was driving probably would not haul too many bodies, but at least you can’t call him the worst possible name for a paramedic: Ambulance Driver.

Interestingly the paramedics are part of the police force here. In the US they are either an independent agency or work with the fire department.

Every time they stop me at traffic lights asking for donations, I try to give them a peso or two. That is one public service that I want to be well funded when I need their services.

Click the photo for a larger version of the picture.

2 thoughts on “My paramedic drives a cooler vehicle than yours”

    1. They just scrape up the pieces and put them in that little box on the back.

      If there is the need for an ambulance they do call them. Often when there is a wreck the ambulance just comes. But these guys who tool around on the little scooters just patrol around and offer assistance when needed. They mostly just stay in the downtown area. Since they are part of the police force, they get called in as first responders pretty quickly.

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