Websites update

I am heavily working on 2 sites right now. On this one, My Thought Spot, I am mostly just tweaking a few things here and there as they show up. I did not do any serious testing of the theme before I put it live. I also have some features with the old theme that I have not moved over here yet.

The bulk of my site building time has been spent working on my main ministry site I have the new site at which is mostly ready to roll out. Currently I don’t like the header border. I have not figured out how to change that white section to another color and still keep the nicely rounded corners.

I also am working on getting phpList integrated with my theme so that I can still have people sign up to get our prayer letter. My old CMS software that I was using at has a mailing list program built in. With the move away from phpWebSite, I need to find different mailing list software.

The one thing that is keeping me from putting this all together is that I don’t like the “plain text” mail that phpList is sending out. My preference is always plain text mail as opposed to HTML mail. But somehow the text coming out of phpList is different than the plain text I get from any other source. I am subscribed to a couple of mailing lists which use phpList and they all have the same font problem. The font is too small. I thought “plain text” meant a certain standard? Until I can figure out how to get the fonts working right I am hesitant to commit to phpList and therefore the roll out of the new site will be delayed.

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