Missionary Talks 52: Chris Robertson

Chris Robertson is a church planting missionary on the opposite side of México from me. I thought we met for the first time in March when we were back in the States for a mission conference. However, while talking to him for the interview, we discovered that we worked together one summer in a camping ministry. Funny thing is I don’t really remember him, nor he me.

This interview was plagued with Skype dropouts. For the most part it is understandable. I was able to cut out some sections that were unintelligible without losing the context. I did leave a couple in because they were not that bad.

If you go back and listen to all the Missionary Talks shows one week apart, it will take a year. I finally got 52 episodes done. I have not averaged the one show a week scheduled that I wanted. But, I am excited to see the audience growing each week anyway.

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