Feeling guilty about running

I have been thinking over the last week that I am spending quite a bit of time running. While I don’t spend as much time as an elite athlete, I have spent 2.5 to 5 hours a week over the last few weeks on the road. I was thinking that that is a lot of time that I could be dedicating to something else.

But, I have consoled myself with the fact that I don’t watch much TV. I watch 5 shows a week which are recorded. So I only use 40 minutes per show. 5 X 40 = 200 minutes. Just over 3 hours (on average) a week.

What prompted me to confess that this was a concern of mine was that I heard a report this morning that said the average American watches 29 hours of TV a week. 29 hours!

That means I can easily up my running to 20 more hours a week before I should feel guilty about wasting my time.

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