Why, oh why, do I forget my Bodyglide?

After my 10K race this morning I regretted not having used my Bodyglide.

Bodyglide is a product you use when participating in endurance sports that helps prevent chafing. Anywhere that you have skin rubbing against skin is a good place to use it. For me, and for many men, the common rubbing spot are those two little buttons we all have on our chest. Women wear sports bras to protect themselves. While you can use different products to prevent rubbing your nipples raw, I prefer Bodyglide.

If the chafed area is not too bad, you often don’t know about it until you jump into a warm shower.

I jumped into a warm shower.


I used to use Vaseline since it was cheap and easily available. One thing I found though is that on the tech material that many running shirts are made out of, the Vaseline causes the shirt to not soak up water. And Vasaline never washes out. Therefore, when I sweat using one of those shirts with the Vaseline spots on the nipples, I have a sweat soaked shirt with two lighter colored dots where my nipples are. Something that I would rather not highlight.

Then with two very sensitive spots on my chest, I had to go to church and preach. In a hearing church this would be less painful. I could have stood like a robot and spoke, but in a Deaf church I have to move my arms the whole time which moves the shirt over my … well, you get the idea.

2 thoughts on “Why, oh why, do I forget my Bodyglide?”

  1. I use band-aids. Typically, I only have this horrible problem during colder weather or transitional cold weather. I guess that I am bless with “less protruding” ones that don’t rub always. But you are right… this chafing is really painful.

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