Maybe you can help me troubleshoot my run

I had a rough run this morning. It could have something to do with one or all of the following reasons. I thought I would put this out here and see if anyone has any suggestions.

I ran 4 days in a row last week. To finish off the running frenzy I ran a race on Saturday. I also recorded my longest single week of running since I started running just over 2 years ago with 32.2 miles. Normally I run 18 to 22 miles in a week.

It could also have to do with the fact that I have been doing some great running lately. Anything less than a great run seems tough when you are coming off of a running high like I have had.

However, I think the biggest possible culprit might have to do with what I ate last night. Normally we have supper, if we eat much at all, by 5 or 6 in the evening. After church another family invited us to eat dinner with them at the mall food court. This meant that we had a choice of many different restaurants. I decided what I wanted and headed over to the taco joint to grab some tacos. The rest of the group decided on pizza.

I sat down and ate my 3 tacos and 1 gringa and was happily satisfied. Then the pizza arrived. A piece here and there and before I realized it, I had eaten 3 pieces. Enough for another meal. This all taking place around 9:00, 3 hours after we normally eat supper.

Our daughter needed something to eat, so we decided on a bag of fries. There was a hamburger place near where we sat. My wife ordered a small fry from them. It was enough to feed everyone at the table. I helped myself to more than my share.

I had at least 3 meals last night.

Is it any wonder why my run seemed almost impossible this morning?

2 thoughts on “Maybe you can help me troubleshoot my run”

  1. Your hunger is probably a result of your running this past week. Your body is probably shifting into requiring more food with the increase of running. If your body is shifting around, you may be breaking through a plateau and thus your run might have suffered. It should just be temporary.

  2. Your hunger is probably a result…

    Hungry? That’s the problem, I was not even hungry. I just stuffed myself like a pig. hehe

    My running partner yesterday morning wanted to really crank it up a notch. That about killed me. But, it killed him worse. He does not know how to hold back. He was already sore just a couple of hours after the run. Much worse last night when we went to play basketball.

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