I guess it is time to stop calling her “the baby.”

Our baby turned 4 years old yesterday. It is hard to believe that she is growing up. One of her distinguishable traits is how she comes up with some of the funniest sayings.

A couple of days ago our son was cleaning out the toys that were sunken to the bottom of the pool. He was using the skimmer to fish them out. Our daughter laid down at the edge of the pool and leaned over looking into the water. She cupped her hands to her mouth and yelled to the toys, “Don’t Worry! We will save you!”

A couple of days before that we were in the pool with her in her floaty. I dove under the water and swam away from her. She said to my wife, “Look at that daddy. He thinks he is a whale.” When I swam back towards her she said, “Now he thinks he is a shark.”

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