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This last week I had a few interesting runs. I was out with a medical team in a smaller town. Fortunately, there were new maps put up on Google Earth for this town. Previously you could only see that there were lines on the ground that could be considered roads. Now there is a pretty good shot of Valladolid, Yucatán, México. There is one pretty opaque cloud to work through, but I guessed on the path of the road during those runs.

I got up at 3:15 to head to Valladolid and meet the medical team for breakfast. Needless to say, I did not run before leaving town. However, in the afternoon I had some time after playing with the team at a local cenote to take a short run. I wanted to get 8 miles in, but the 95 degree weather impeded that from happening. I would have pressed on, except where I wanted to run was pretty remote and I would not have any way to get water if I needed it.

I still ran 3.8 miles and had a good time by myself.

I had been talking to a few of the doctors who were in our group and I found two dentists who wanted to run with me. We met at 6:00 to try and get some mileage in before having to be cleaned up and leave for breakfast by 6:45. We did 2.31 miles, but we were really pushed for time. Only one dentist showed up.

We decided to head out a little earlier and hit the road at 5:45. That worked out well and we were able to run 3.76 miles.

Another dentist was supposed to run with Mike and I, but he chickened out. I was starving when we left the hotel. I usually try to grab a snack the night before that I can eat before heading out in the morning. Since we had gotten home very late Wednesday night, the store was not open to grab a snack.

I was a bit concerned that I would not do too well in the run because of being so hungry. About 3 blocks down the road from our hotel we ran by a tortilla factory. I jumped in and asked the lady if I could have a sample of one. That was enough to knock down the hunger pangs and keep me going.

We ran 3.33 miles then.

This was the first time this year I have run more than 3 days in a row. I have been trying to be conscious of that so that I am not putting un-due stress on my bones and joints. I am still able to run enough each week to make my goals by taking 2 days off.

I showed up about 30 minutes before the start of a 5K race. I was ready to register and think about running for a PR. When I got to the race, there were a few people who are at every race. Probably only about 12 people showed up. There was no one to do registration for the event. We decided it was canceled and I just ran 5K at an easy pace. I got home later to find that I had an email telling me the race had been canceled at the last minute without explanation.

I was back to my normal running partner and routine. I ran 6.58 miles. I am perfectly on pace to finish the year at 1000 miles. Now that my traveling is over I will be able to get a bit ahead until mid-summer. All my extra banked miles will come in handy as we get back on the road and travel through the fall.

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