Missionary Talks 48: Fred Carlson

I posted the latest episode of Missionary Talks early yesterday. This was a great interview for me to snag. Though I never sat under Mr. Carlson when I was taking missions classes, I remember quite well taking the classes he mentions.

I first met Fred Carlson when he was working a summer at a camp in Arizona in 2001. He was just there being a help and a blessing while he was out from his teaching responsibilities. We then met again a couple of years later when I guest lectured in one of his classes. I did not realize that I had met him before though. This year when I was speaking in one of his classes he reminded me that we had met in Arizona.

I was glad to be able to speak with him between classes and record the interview. He answered my question about which classes a person should take if he is limited on time in a way that I did not expect. But, ultimately it was exactly the right answer.

I think you will really enjoy this one.

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