What a great time to learn we don’t have a heater

Did any of you experience the nor’easter that blew through this week? We had a taste of it.

We have owned our Suburban for 4 years but have never had the need to turn on the heater. We got it in the spring and then took it to Mexico that summer. This week when we hit the Texas/Mexico border we found out that the heater does not work. We got up Wednesday morning to 48 degrees. That is quite a bit colder than we have experienced in a few years.

We fired up the heater in the truck and waited for it to warm up. The truck warmed up, but the heater never blew warm air. During the day the sun helped warm us a bit, but we followed the cold front right into Florida.

When we stopped to eat for the night we began a frantic search for a small heater with a fan. We found one, but it drew too much current for our DC to AC power inverter. We hit a couple of truck stops to find a heater that was designed for use in the car. They were all sold out!

Since the temperature gauge in the truck does not work, I have changed the thermostat just in case it was stuck open. I also changed the coolant temperature sensor in case that was causing the problem with the gauge. No luck.

Still looking for the problem.

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