January Goals Report

My two goals that I will be reporting on this year are my goals to run 1000 miles and to read 800 pages a month.

Running 1000 Miles
I ran 19 days out of the month, therefore I did not run 12 days. That means I ran 2 days and took off one as an average. I did not take more than 2 days off in a row during the month and I did not run more than 3 days in a row.

I ran 91.2 miles for the month. I needed to run 84.7 miles during the month. That means I ended the month 6.5 miles ahead of schedule.

Reading 800 Pages Per Month
I read a total of 1345 pages in 8 different books. This was helped by our trip out of town. We spent quite a bit of time just reading.

Because of the way I have decided to do the reading this year, it will not be cumulative. Meaning that if I go over my goal, like I did in January, those extra pages do not go towards the next month. I have to reach the 800 page goal each month.

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