Finals for the Carlos Torre Chess Tournament

Vassily Ivanchuk (UKR) is facing off against Pentala Harikrishna (IND) in the final at Chichén Itzá.

I heard it predicted on Thursday morning that the final would probably consist of these two men. I am not able to attend the final games this year like I did last year. It is a bit of a disappointment. The problem is that they are playing an hour and a half out of town and I had a few other events today. I will watch it online as much as possible for the final round tonight.

I did grab some audio the other day at the chess tournament but it had a horrible buzz in it. I was not able to salvage anything. Nor did I really get to listen to it. The whole time I was trying to listen a young teenager was trying to be friendly and talk. I hate telling people to buzz off, but I wanted to. Then when my son got through playing his match he took the receiver from me and listened to it himself.

My son finished the tournament with just 2 out of 6 possible points. We did not prepare well for this week and it shows. We did learn though that taking a bit of time to focus on an upcoming tournament can really help your outcome. Maybe the 5 Christmas parties, Tae Kwon Do belt exam and other extra activities this week did not help.

2 thoughts on “Finals for the Carlos Torre Chess Tournament”

  1. Getting ready for a chess tournament is just like getting ready for a final test. You have to study. But that is the same for anything. You try to prepare for the event as best as you can. I have no doubts that your son will be a good chess player.

  2. We just got too wrapped up in other events this year. He is excited though. He told me yesterday that he is looking forward to playing more tournaments in the future. Too bad we won’t be in town for this tournament next year. We will have to find another big tournament wherever we are.

    He and I play small tournaments around town, but this one is the only big international tournament with Masters coming from around the world. We do have a couple of Grand and International Masters who live here in town and we get to watch them play on occasion.

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