No two parents are alike

Last night we discovered the differences in our kids also play out in the parents.

We are an “old fashioned” kind of couple and don’t normally sleep in the same bed. Mostly it is because we don’t even own a bed. We sleep in separate hammocks. But, when it gets cold, my wife likes to steal our son’s double bed and snuggle beneath the covers. Hammocks are great for keeping you cool, but when the temps start getting cold (65 or below) they tend to require a lot of work to stay covered and warm.

This last weekend is when the bed got dragged into our room. We have been in it 4 nights now. One night was perfect, one night was hot, the next night was perfect, then there was last night.

I was laying there sleeping somewhat fitfully. My wife got up for some reason. I was thinking that it sure would have been nice if she grabbed a quilt and tossed it on us. I was a bit chilly. She was gone for a couple of minutes. When she came back in I just knew she was going to toss a quilt on me. Instead she turned on the fan! 

She started muttering something about mosquitoes. I got the full story today. She was hot and tossed the covers off, then she was attacked by mosquitoes. She put the covers on and started sweating. The fan was to help try to blow the mosquitoes away.

I don’t know what she told those mosquitoes, but they had not bothered me all night up to that point. They enjoyed sucking the life out of my arms the rest of the night.

Though she is the cold natured one normally, things were turned around last night. It must have something to do with the upcoming solstice.

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