Running update

I have 3 weeks left to hit my goal of 621 miles for the year. Right now I am sitting at 565 miles. Until today I was right on track to easily make the goal. I was sick this weekend as was my running partner. I ran to his house this morning and needed to run almost 3 miles with him to make everything work right. Because we had both been sick, we decided to make it a short run, but do it fast. We ran 1.06 miles at a 7:25 pace. That is a great speed for me. I was really pleased to be able to do it. But, that means I did not get all the distance I needed today. Theoretically I could have made up the distance on the way home, but instead opted to just do the 1.6 miles straight home.

I will try to make up a little of the deficit on Thursday and then pick up the rest of my distance on Saturday.

I am only running 3 days a week right now, but doing at least 4 miles a day. The weekly goal is 6 on Tuesday and Thursday with a longer run of 8ish on Saturday. I am behind, but not out of the game by no means. I am glad to have a reason to run. While I am not training for anything, it is a help for me to have some goal.

I have 270 miles on my New Balance 857 shoes that I bought in April. My Saucony Hurricane 9s that were bought in June have 137 miles. I should be good for a while on shoes. I may look at picking up another pair in February when I am in the US, but only if I can find a really good deal.

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