Missionary Talks 40: Larry Franklin

This was a very enjoyable interview. I was attending a three day seminar that the Franklins were teaching. Their subject was on how to teach children’s Sunday School classes. It was informative. Much of the stuff I already knew from my years of experience and having taken classes such as this before. What I liked about their presentation is that it was very much based on a clear philosophy.

I had hoped to get my William Carey biography done this week. I did finish writing the script, but ended up with a cold this weekend. I was planning to record on Sunday night. Since my voice does not sound the best right now, I will hold it till next week. It will end up being two parts about 15 minutes each. It was not as easy to write and the David Livingstone one, but will be easier to record. There are no big quotes in this one, therefore I will be doing all the reading myself.

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