We now have Starbucks

Like them or hate them, Starbucks is loved by many. We had our first one open in town this last Friday. We knew it was coming and decided to double date with some friends of ours. But, we certainly did not want to go in there on opening night, so we waited till Saturday.

After a very nice meal at our favorite Italian joint, we walked across the mall and through the parking lot to Starbucks. It was definitely busy. We had already decided that if the line was going to make us wait too long, we would hit one of the equally enjoyable coffee places in the mall.Starbucks logo

I have only been in two Starbucks stores that I remember. Both of them were small. Big enough for 3 or 4 of those dinky tables and a stand up bar on one side. This one is one of the larger style stores. There must have been seating for 50+ people. All the seats and tables were filled. The line stretched out to one door, but we were able to stand inside to wait. We decided to take part in the atmosphere.

The average age of our group was 40. We were much older than 90% of the people in there. I remember seeing 1 lady older than us and I will grant that there were probably a few our age. Everyone else was 18 to 24 years old.

I have only had Starbucks coffee 10 times or so, therefore I don’t really know the normal prices. What my wife and I had cost $38 (pesos) each. That is about $3.50. She had a white chocolate mocha and I had a hazelnut something. Both were the small size. (Someone needs to tell Starbucks that small is spelled “S-M-A-L-L” not “T-A-L-L”). The mediums were $4.00 (approx.) and the large we did not remember the price. Anyone know if this is about the same price as in the US?

It is fun to go there on occasion, but I won’t be in there too often. There is no need to spend that kind of money on coffee that I could brew at home. Lest you think I don’t like good coffee, I do. I just know where I can buy good coffee and cook it at home for far less than Starbucks wants to sell it to me for.

They will do well here. We will enjoy going there a few times a year. We hear they have plans to open at least 4 more in town.

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  1. yeah, those prices are about the same as the US. I love me some White Chocolate Mocha and I tried the Soy version (casein free) and it was pretty good.

    Grande=you’ll be going to the bathroom many many times
    Venti=you’ll be wired for hours

  2. I believe Terry is right. But since I LOVE Starbucks, I cannot be sure since it has been over a year since I have visited one. You, on the other hand, would probably enjoy some of the finer mochas and ‘chinos. Starbucks also was designed to cater to the younger people as the older generations are the ones that resist change. Enjoy yourselves on you occasional visits.

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