We are going to have babies!

Our baby bananasOur banana plant that we saved from the trash pile will be giving us a great harvest in about 3 months. This is the hardest part of growing bananas, besides trying to eat them all. They have been growing happily for several months. I am not exactly sure when we planted the sucker, but it was probably in April or May.

What makes this part of the growing process so difficult is that you finally see the bananas coming out and you know it will be at least 12 more weeks. We have not quite gotten to the phase where we will have to wait the 3 final months. This is our first time to grow a banana plant ourselves, but we have been through the process twice with some friends.

In the picture you see the reddish leaves. Those are protecting the hands of bananas. There are 5 hands that are already able to be seen. I suspect there are at least 3 more that will come out based on what I can currently see. But there may be more.

How many babies will we have? Probably well over 100! This sucker came from a mother plant that produced 130+ bananas. I don’t remember the final count, but when the mother plant was growing at a friend’s house, we would count them every so often and just be amazed as to how many there were.

It will be several more weeks before this process is over. I will try to remember and give you pictures to see of our babies as they grow up.

I mentioned that we are in the hardest part of the process, except for the eating of them. I love bananas. My whole family does. But when you have 130 or more bananas become ripe on the same day, it is really hard to eat that many in the small window of time you have. We will be giving many of them away and freezing some.

There is some fascinating reading about bananas at Wikipedia. Mexico was the 8th largest producer of bananas in 2005.

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  1. I got real excited when I read the title.

    If it was anything real exciting I would have told you over the phone. I never know how long it takes you to check the blog.

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