Double 15s weigh a lot

As we stood there picking up the set of double 15 domino set we wondered who’s idea it was to buy such a thing. We play a few different games with the set, but I don’t think we have gone over using a double 12. We mostly play Mexican Train, but on occasion play normal domino rules (whatever normal means).

The reason we were picking them up is our daughter (3 years old) climbed up into the game closet and proceeded to pull them (along with most other games with lots of pieces) down on her head. The double 15 set weighs more that 5 pounds! Ouch!

But she did not get much sympathy from us (she was not injured). She had been told countless times to stay out of there for that very reason. She got to help us pick up all the marbles, dominoes, pegs, dice, sticks …

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