You gave me too much money

While reading a blog post from Terry I was reminded of an incident that happened earlier this week. He was talking about getting change from a clerk at the fabric store. Ours happened at Sam’s.

We went through the whole ordeal of picking out our items and standing dutifully in line. My wife noticed that it took the cashier a long time to make change for the man in front of us. She said that she has a knack for picking the bright ones.

When it was finally our turn the bill rang up to $268 pesos (about $25). She handed him $318 so that she would get $50 back. He then tried to give her back the extra $18 because “the $300 is enough to cover the bill.” He said this in such a way as to say, “hey, lady, are you too stupid to understand that $300 is more than $268?”

She gave him back the $18 and said that it was so she would get $50 back. He looked at her like she was an alien. He rung the amount up in his register and, what do you know, it said he needed to give her $50. I think he was not at all embarassed but, rather, surprised that the magic worked like that. How did she know that it would say $50?

Companies actually trust people like this to handle money?

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