Google results you don’t want

Bad Google!Yesterday I went to my main ministry website and was going to document the steps on how to sign up for my RSS feed. I was disappointed to find that I had an error in one of my scripts and my RSS feed was not working. I am subscribed to the feed, but had not really paid attention to when the last time I had received a notice was. Apparently it has been a while.

In my search to figure out the problem I had determined that it was a corrupt file. The easiest way to remedy that was to google the file name and see if I could download it from somewhere else. It was a script I had pulled off the web, so I knew others were probably using it too.

When I put in the file name at Google, I was horrified to see that my site came up as the 3rd hit on the list! This is one time that you don’t want to show up in the top 10 at Google.

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