He was here first

Yesterday in the impound yard, to finally get my truck back, I was shocked by these words, “He was here first.”

I try not to be a skeptic of the Mexican culture, but one thing that has always bothered me is the total inability to make a line and wait their turn. The way it works here is you have to be the first person with your hand on the counter. Even though there was a sign that said “Form One Line,” and I was attempting to do so, a man walked in and pushed his way to the front. He proceeded to mark his territory by placing his hand on the counter. After one of the attendants finished with a customer, I proceeded to the counter. That attendant left and we all had to wait a while (no surprise).

When the lone worker got ready to take the next customer, she turned to the man who forced his way to the counter. I was ready to speak up and make a show since I had been waiting 10 minutes longer than that man when he said to the attendant, “He was here first.” I was absolutely shocked! I made sure to thank the man for his kindness.

In my three plus years in this country, I think that was the very first time this has happened.

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