Spot: Feb 2007-Sept 2007

This week saw the passing away of our pet hamster Spot. He seems to have died of an illness or natural causes. He had been well and chipper early in the afternoon. Later that day (Wednesday) he was breathing hard and his heart rate was elevated. He did not physically respond when petted.

It was pretty obvious that he was not going to make it and within 15 minutes of noticing his distress he had died.

My wife and I are not really pet people and this is our children’s first pets (the 2 hamsters). We did have some fish a few years ago, but you don’t get real personally attached to a fish.

It is our children’s first dealings with death on this level. Our daughter does not understand much at all of what went on, but our son was quite close to the little fellow. We still have Fluffy to give us solace.

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