Famous Friday: Discover Spanish With Us

If I am going to make someone famous, I must include myself.

My wife and I are writing the Discover Spanish With Us blog. We are taking a Spanish word (or two) a day and explaining its meaning. Not only are we giving a dictionary definition, but we are also attempting show a particular usage of the word.

The first word that I uncovered was the word Descubrir. That is the English word discover. But, in Spanish it carries with it the idea of investigating or pulling apartto dis-cover. It also means to find out just like we understand it in English.

Recently my wife posted a story of our son tacking the letter “o” to the end of the word popcorn to try and buy a bag of the fluffy goodness from a street vendor. He learned that day that the word for popcorn is palomitas. Since he was only 5 years old at the time, it was quite interesting to see that he understood there were a good number of English words that become Spanish ones when you add an “o” or an “a” to them. At 9 years old, he does speak Spanish much better.

Check out Discover Spanish With Us and leave a comment if you have a question or insight on one of the words we “dis-cover.”

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