Sore legs

Monday I had a good speed workout. I am still without my track though. I am not sure why the track is not open, but it is getting on my nerves. It is not like I have been running there a long time, but I got used to being able to do speed work on it. Now that I don’t have it available to me, it is irritating. School should have started this week, maybe it will be open next week.

Yesterday, my off day from running, I did a pretty good weight workout. I just have a set of dumbbells, but they give me a pretty good workout anyway. I have not been working the weights as often as I should recently. Yesterday I did some leg work too. Today I am pretty sore all over. My legs were not too bad when I woke up this morning though.

That was then, this is now.

I had a 3 mile tempo run this morning. I did my 1 mile warm up at my desired pace (10:30) and then picked up the pace considerably for my tempo run. I measured that out in kilometers instead of miles. I hit my Km. splits at: 5:46  5:41  5:44  5:45  5:43. My target range was between 5:40 and 5:54 per Km. (or 9:07 to 9:30 miles). I did very well and am pleased.

The first Km. was the slowest and could have to do with the pack of 7 dogs that I had to run through this morning. I really slowed down and tried not to appear aggressive. I guess they bought it. None of them tried to chase me. They just barked.

Towards the end of the second kilometer, I was thinking that I would not be able to make it to 4 at that pace, but I decided to try. When I did finally get to 4 I gave myself permission to slow down just so that I could finish the run. I guess I didn’t listen to myself and slow down any.

But now my legs are really sore. I have a 4 mile recovery run for tomorrow. Good thing that my recovery pace is about as fast as my grand-mother can walk.

3 thoughts on “Sore legs”

  1. Do some light stretches throughout the day… squats works best for me. They’ll still be sore, but at this time it’s just managing the pain… and that fact that YoGranny could smoke you out on the track right now ;P

  2. squats works best for me

    That’s what got me so sore to begin with!

    After my 4 mile recovery run this morning, I feel much better. I just need to make sure I stay loose today so that I don’t tighten up again.

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