My Thought Spot 13: A Church Service

This episode was inspired by a request that my friend Gordan had, when he was wondering if I had any of my sermons available on line. I do not. Currently I preach in Spanish, and worse yet, Sign Language. For my English speaking listeners, Spanish is not quite easy to understand, and Sign Language is hard to record on an audio podcast.

However, I took up the task. I wired myself for sound and hit the record button. Fortunately for you, I also know how to edit. This short podcast was whittled down from about 1.5 hours of audio.

I must apologize to Spanish speakers. I can easily criticize other people’s Spanish when they speak. And, I found out that I can criticize my own. This recording does not have the best grammar. It is grating in fact. Why though, can I hear it now, but don’t catch it before it comes out of my mouth? Oh it is embarrassing. But I am consoled in the fact that most of you won’t know or care.

You will also be subjected to my singing in this recording. You will soon realize why I work with the Deaf.

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