eBible.com says I can’t be saved!

I was signing up for an account at eBible.com. This is a site that takes the idea of online search and study of the Bible into the realm of social networking. People can leave comments on different verses. There is a whole community atmosphere. I have not delved into it deeply, but I understand that there is a lot of the social networking/bookmarking behind it.eBible error

I was excited about being able to make notes and bookmarks of my own. I don’t use a Bible program on my computer. And I currently have no digital note taking method for my Bible study. I usually just write stuff in the margin of my Bible (which is why I have a wide-margin Bible) if it is just a quick thought. Otherwise it goes into my sermon notes and preparation. The downside is that I would have to know for which sermon I studied a certain passage, otherwise I would never see those notes again. That is what is appealing about eBible to me.

I don’t know that I will use it long term. I just heard about it and decided to give it a shot. I do use Bible Gateway on a very regular basis to look up verses. They have the Spanish version I use.

While going through the registration process at eBible, I got an error that I thought was extremely humorous. This would not be funny, nor have even caught my eye had this not been a religious website.

The highlighted text in the screen shot reads, “3 errors prohibited this user from being saved.”

And I thought Baptists could be judgmental. Here is a website that has never even met me and it is telling me that I cannot be saved!

5 thoughts on “eBible.com says I can’t be saved!”

  1. Did you spell your user name right? B-e-e-l-z-e-b-u-b?* Perhaps that is why you can’t be saved.

    I do use Bible Gateway as well, I really like that you can get the different translation right at your fingertip. I have been thinking of a good user friendly bible. Of course, I’d love to throw some cash into a Palm Pilot, get the Palm Bible (like the one that my wife has) and be able to type in notes (like my wife has in the past). Of course, $400 for a bible is a little pricey…

    *I hope that the religious humor is appreciated, I know that you are a passionate Christian (you’re a missionary!!!) and if I over step my boundary, please let me know and I will cease and desist immediately. I will of course, poke fun in a different Genre.

  2. I have a Palm and have tried different Bibles on there. While they work somewhat well, I can usually find the verses faster in my real Bible. And the search function takes forever. In my 8 years of using the Palm Bibles off and on, I have never fully committed to one.

    The Spanish version I use is free at Bible Gateway. Because it is a copyrighted version (Reina-Valera 1960) for all digital Bibles, I always have to pay extra to be able to use it. Bible Gateway has already paid the price so that I can use it for free.

    As for the religious humor, don’t worry about it. I have edited comments before, I don’t mind doing again if necessary.

    1. I don’t know what the problem might be. I completely forgot about this website until you brought it up. It was almost 5 years ago that I tried to create an account and was unable to.

      I just tried again and everything worked fine. However, I am not sure I care anymore.

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